white silica sand

whiteSilica sand (quartz sand) is a pure white sandy rocks contain a high proportion of silica (SiO2 more than 99%)

consist mainly of quartz grains of metal and contains a small amount of impurities and heavy metals (less than 0.1%).

The term is called glass sand on the sands of silica (quartz) that have physical and chemical specifications

commensurate with the glass industry, for example grain size, which often ranges between 100-1000 microns and the

percentage of iron oxides (Fe2O3) begins from 0.012 .silica sand founded in egypt at red sea area(zafarana)and south

of sinai(abo zneama and el garf).

egypt contains the purest sort of white silica sand allover the world

Uses silica sand in the industry

• glassware, crystal glass, glass panels, glass fiber, glass optics.

• Templates Plumbing.

• a discount factor for the degree of leaching of oxides in the basal melting operations.

• refine the materials in the manufacture of ceramics and bricks.

• Filters for water purification plants, waste water and swimming pools.

• extensor and as a filler in the rubber industry, plastics, paper, paints and in a special type of cement.

• in various chemical industries.

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