How is the manufacture of glass?

How is the manufacture of glass?
For the manufacture of glass must be mixing a large amount of silica sand with small amounts of lime and soda and heated until it becomes a mass of high- viscosity liquid , is then formed in a certain way and then cooled to be glass .

 The glass and limestone and soda ( flat glass ) glass is the most common and widely used in the world, so that the proportion of this type of glass more than (90%) of the total glass used in the world. The borosilicate glass and is the so-called glass Albaerks Alkimox and it consists of (80%) of silica and (4 % ) of alkali and (2 % ) and aluminum (13%) of boric oxide . These ratios give this type of glass three times the strength of glass soda and limestone .

 The fused silica glass is composed of (100%) of silica and is considered one of the higher cost of glass and is shock resistant .

The most important characteristic of the glass is hand manufactured to his wife and that are related to temperature , so the pure silica glass has a high viscosity and requires very high temperatures to get rid of the bubbles in it .

 And this thing makes it pure silica glass industry is very expensive . So for scientific reasons and necessary in order to weaken the silica glass is easily synthesized Attsada . And from experience , it is clear that the alkali metal oxides are the best way to achieve this.

 And the secret lies in that each atom linked to four silicon atoms of oxygen only , and that any additional atoms of oxygen are working dislocation formation and strong and coherent component of Silicon - Oxygen - Silicon . So it became easy for us to change the silica glass installation and make it more mobile , and using alkali metal oxides .

 These oxides and alkali metals smelting of the most important factors used in the glass industry , and most of these oxides are widely used soda , which is the cheapest price , have used alkaline oxides of other metals for this purpose (such as potassium and lithium ... etc) .

 Budget vehicles in the glass :

 There are elements and chemical compounds necessary balance in the process of manufacturing glass forms and types known according to use, including:
1 - lime : used as a solution for the manufacture of a water glass. And uses calcium and dolomitic lime in large quantities with sand and sodium carbonate and electric lamps .

2 - lead oxide : is one of the main components of the types of glass Zrani which is characterized by a high coefficient of refraction , and usually include a large proportion of potash ( glass gives luster and shine and at the same time is resistant to heat and electricity ) .

3 - oxide boric : reduces the viscosity of silica without further relaxes warming, and with the addition of a small amount of aluminum oxide maintains the transparency of the glass , and makes it more resistant to heat ( Albaerks ) , and is used in the manufacture of tools bakeries and laboratory apparatus and Alonanwib industry for their ability to withstand sudden changes in temperature and endure the effects of the chemical .

4 - aluminum oxide and lime : This mixture is used by a large margin in the glass with (10%) of boric oxide and alkali few of the fiberglass industry .

Where present silica sand in Egypt?

Silica sand or silica glass sand is the type of very pure silica sand , which is characterized by the lowest content of ferric oxide is used in the manufacture of glass types such as glass tableware, flat glass and crystal
In Egypt, the white sand located in the Red Sea Zafranah Abousnimh South Sinai , as well as other places .

But Zafranah its global excellence due to the purity and quality of the sand and the intervention of white sand in some industries such as chemical detergents in the production of sodium silicate as well as in industry and in paints and other pipes .

The company provides natural white sand with the highest quality can be found in nature , where no less than the proportion of silica oxide from 99.8 % .

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