billion tons of ore, silica sand in the kingdom awaiting investors13

13 billion tons of ore, silica sand in the kingdom awaiting investors

Amman - Petra

Said an official at the Natural Resources Authority ores Jordanian silica sand, which is estimated at about 13 billion tonnes characterized by excellent specifications being Rmala the few white impurities and Mtkhfah.

He said assistant general manager of power engineer Darwish Jasser told (Petra) that the ores silica Jordanian according to studies prepared by the Authority characterized world-class to produce glass sand, and thus the production of glass high-quality, indicating that the quantities are huge and easy mining roads surface and close to the roads and the port of Aqaba . He Gasser that studies conducted on silica sand in Jordan showed that he can get the product silica sand high purity and sand glass the size of my beloved among the (500) - 125 micron and high quality using abrasive unassembled and the separation of heavy metals using the separation helix and Altngel.

In this regard, he said, "because of the relatively few impurities in the raw material has been possible to produce high purities and large retrieval by using this method."

According to Gasser, the investment opportunities in this crude, which is concentrated in the southern regions available to investors and companies specialized in processing these ores competition values ​​added to the intervention in the different uses for reasons of export regionally and globally, referring to the potential good that provided raw to invest in the production of glass, especially in the absence of a glass factory in the Kingdom.

And uses raw said Gasser he uses in the manufacture of glass and crystal glass, fiberglass and glass optics and molds plumbing, pointing out that the glass sand high-quality product from my head the Negev and the Siq possible compared with the degree of (a) in the specifications of British glass sand used for the production of glass optics. Also uses raw silica sand Jordanian agent reduced the degree of melting of the oxides basal and processes of melting and as a refinement in the manufacture of ceramics, bricks, noting that crude is also used in filters purify water and enters in the manufacture of plastics, rubber, paint, paper and chemical industries different.

And places a raw said Gasser that glass sand found in areas of the head of the Negev and the bottom of the Disi and Petra and Ain Beida, pointing out that the thickness of sand Disi up to 300 meters while bringing fish raw in Wadi Siq and the Aljeicah Aqaba to 200 meters.

And investment situation, Gasser said number of المرامل to operate in the Kingdom in the top of the Negev region for the use of construction materials and two local companies are working on the production of small amounts of washed sand and ground, stressing that there are investment opportunities for investors and companies to work multiple industries and real. And silica sand (sand quartz) is a rock sand pure white with a high percentage of silica, which consists mainly of granulated quartz mineral and contain a small amount of impurities and heavy metals, while The term glass sand on silica sand (quartz) that have physical and chemical specifications commensurate with the glass industry.

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