Our Mines & Quarries

Our Mines & Quarries

In our leading mining company, we have best Mines for Talc, Feldspar, Quartz nearly Aswan and red sea area, we have

breaking machine for crushed Limestone in el minia governorate. Meanwhile, we test and inspect our material by SGS

usually we export our materials.Silica Sand , Phosphate, Quartz rock, potassium, Feldspar, Fluorite (Calcium Fluoride),

Talc lump bulk or on especial Packing as customer requests.

Co-operate with us by visiting our Mines and Quarries in their places and watch the work closely to benefit our

experience in this field on the ground.

Our mining company works on anther activity in mountain especially for Marble and Granite and Sandstone we also have

our Factory and work - shops that include gang - saws, automatic and semi automatic polishers, Automatic and semi

automatic cutting machines. Contouring machines and soon there will be two full automatic processing lines for Marble

& Granite and also a modern C.N.C machine. Our customers are the people who deal, respect, and love the world of

Marble & Granite such as The building and Construction industry, factories, merchants, exporters and importers,

architectects, executing engineers, decorative engineers antique lovers and collectors and also the end-customer who

wants to add a lovely touch in his apartment by adding Marble and Granite.

Why choose TAS Flowrance “ The Egyptian Mining Company “ to work with?

TAS Flowrance Group “ the Egyptian leading mining company “ offers you a great chance and the maximum facilities to

import the best Egyptian mining materials in affordable prices and full guarantee of the materials quality and that is only

from the leading Egyptian mining company TAS Flowrance Group


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