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silica sand
In Egypt there are two main locations of high quality silica sand 1st, Zaafrana – red seaand the 2nd, north and south Sinai , The reserves in Zaafrana area and Sinai are over thousands million ton of high quality silica sand . which supply the glass industries , paints , foundries chemicals,   ceramics More…


Quartz is the rock known under the name of el Marw. It is named after the metal that makes
it to signify its blocking nature. The bigger part  of it is used in the production of iron ingots (ferrosilicon ingot). The ground material is used in the making of ceramics, but as for the transparent quartz, it is used for electronic purposes and radar as well as optics since certain types of it produce lenses, slices and  light prisms
. More…

Phosphate rock is a sedimentary rock contains high amounts of phosphate bearing minerals and remains of vertebrate bones.TAS Flowrance for mineral one of TAS Group produce phosphates with P2O5 30 % and 28 % in jumbo bags or small bags or bulk as customers requested More…


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